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  Hubei Han Technology Co., Ltd. (4404 Factory) is a Chinese state-owned factories photovoltaic (4404 state-owned factory) transformed from the overall registered capital of 150 million yuan. Enterprises Founded in 1968, is Chinas power vacuum device manufacturing industry key enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province. 
  The company has research and production...

Enterprises have a CNC turning center, five axis machining center, universal internal and external circular grinding machine, CNC wire cutting machine, large vacuum seal is connected with a furnace, vacuum quenching furnace and inspection, measurement, physical and chemical analysis and other sophisticated measuring production testing equipment.

Enterprises belong to high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province, through the ISO quality system certification, production of 34mW klystron tube and the modulator, the Beijing Electron Positron Collider complete sets of equipment were awarded won the national technology and equipment achievement award one other award, won the grand prize of national technology and equipment achievement award.

Integrity, rigorous, hard work, innovation. Honesty: Prudential to be all over the world, credit guaranteed. Honesty and trustworthiness is the ...[MORE]

March 1, 2013, the National High-tech Zone in the city held three cadres of the meeting, I vacuum switch unit senior 劉魯平 city was awarded the high-tec...[MORE]

Hubei Han Technology Co., Ltd. (4404 Factory) is a former state-owned Chinese photovoltaic plant (state-owned 4404 Factory) overall restructuring. Chi...[MORE]

Address: Xiaogan Long Road No. 257
Phone: 0712-2684404 2324404
Fax: 0712-2682222
E-mail: [email protected]
"Technology accompanied by the required services." In the Han, have an experienced professional and technical advice and services team at all[MORE]
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